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How to Attract a Man

How to Attract a Man: From Approach to Commitment

Knowing how to attract a man starting from the approach and leading right down to the commitment is a skill which few women possess. However, contrary to the common belief it is possible to learn the skill of attracting a man, and better yet, being able to make him commit to you and fall in love with you, even if he is a man who has fear of commitment.

In case you think that this is impossible, just think about all the women out there who have been able to attract the man of their dreams and have him proposing to them within just a few months. If you're interested in knowing their secret to how to attract a man, this is one of the most important messages you'll ever read.

Start Talking to Everyone

Talk to everyone you possibly can whenever you go somewhere: men you're interested in, men you're not interested in, women, old people, kids, everyone. This might not sound like direct advice on how to attract a man, but what it will do is demonstrate that you are confident and socially assertive. This is a really big deal, because men are attracted to confidence just as you are. So if you get into the habit of talking to people, even if it's just to say hello, you can bet that you're going to attract a lot more attention from people... and that includes men.

See, believe it or not, men are actually pretty afraid of approaching women as they are afraid of rejection, just as you are. But they desperately want to approach women, and if you demonstrate that you are socially assertive and friendly, it will make men automatically more willing to approach you. Then it's just a matter of filtering through them and finding the man you really want to be with.

Playing hard to get works

Have you ever wondered why men hate it so much when women play hard to get? It's because it works - men know it works and they're mad at themselves because it lures them in and makes them fall crazy in love with a woman. Of course, this isn't popular advice because most people think that you shouldn't "play games" to make him commit. Listen, everyone plays games in life to get what they want. In fact, life is nothing more than a long string of negotiations and persuasions.

We land jobs and careers by means of persuasion, we negotiate with friends, with our parents, with our children... so it's okay to play a little cat and mouse with your man and persuade him to get a hold of you before he loses his shot. The best way to play hard to get it is to find something that you are passionate about and to commit yourself to it. Make your man compete for his place in your life, and since men love a challenge, he'll do exactly that.

Of course, as you're doing this, it's important that you understand the key principle behind how to attract a man...

Slow is Fast With Men

Most women don't understand how to attract a man and make him commit because they're in a great hurry to do so. But the bigger the hurry you are in to make a man commit, the greater his fear of commitment is going to become. This is because men get the idea that they are not in control, and this will cause them to resist control.... even to their own detriment. Yes, it's silly, but we women have our own little quirks so there's no point in judging men for being this way.

Instead, when you find a man you're really crazy about, refrain from directly pressuring him about any kinds of commitments. Instead, make him compete for his place in your life and keep a few close male friends around you. This will arouse his sense of urgency and he'll see you as a prize to be won. He'll be in a hurry to get a hold of you before someone else does or before he loses his shot.

As simple as these sound, once you start putting each of them into practice you'll soon see that knowing how to attract a man is easy once you have the right approach.

Much success!