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How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women: From Approach to Seduction

Knowing how to attract women is certainly a rare skill which many men envy, but few men ever master. Just think about all the men you know who are struggling in their dating life, while for others, approaching women and attracting women seems to come as naturally as water flows downhill. Well, if you are sick of seeing other men scoop up all the desirable women, leaving you to scramble after the crumbs which fall from the masters table, this is one of the most important messages you'll ever read. What you're about to learn is a simple strategy which will teach you how to attract women right from the first approach down to the final seduction.

First, Become a Social Butterfly

If you pay attention to the small percentage of men that actually know how to attract women, you'll find that all of them are social butterflies. Okay, so butterfly isn't too manly of a word. But I'm guessing that if you develop the skill of approaching women and attracting women by becoming a social butterfly, that you'd be okay with that wouldn't you? So how do you do this? Easy, you start getting into the habit of saying hello to everyone that you see. Everyone. Once you get comfortable with this, you follow up that hello with "How are you doing?" And when I say everyone, I mean that you start approaching women you're interested in, women you're not interested in, old women, fat women, men, old men, young men fat men... just start saying hello to everyone.

This will sharpen your social skills and make it easier for you to speak to your "dream girl" when you actually see her. But if you simply stalk in the shadows without speaking to anyone, you'll be a social train wreck by the time you try to approach "dream girl." When it comes to developing the social skills for approaching women, the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining... if you know what I mean.

Second, Date Anyone Once

You're never going to learn how to attract women if you are always looking for a specific type and you refuse to date anyone else. Sure, you might not be interested in her, but go on a date anyway and just start getting out there and explore your options. I mean think about it, a date doesn't mean you're having to commit to marrying her... and even if there's no chemistry, she might make a good friend and help you build your social circle. As you can imagine, the stronger your social circle is, the more opportunities you get to meet new people. Not only that, when other women see that you're attracting women and that you're dating, they'll get that jealous competitive thing that women get and you'll become a prize to be won.

Would that work for you?

Third, Build Attraction

Getting a woman to go out on a date with you is one thing, but building attraction is another and it's something which most men are completely clueless about. This is because they think that women are attracted to looks as we are... they're not. Women are attracted to behaviors, and the most important behavior is confidence. If a woman sees you as a confident man, she'll become seduced by just being around you and she'll probably even be the first one to make a sexual move. But don't get too excited about this yet, women are masters of smoking out fake confidence - and they do it by testing you.

They test to see whether or not you're going to give in and let them control you, and if you fail the test you'll end up in the friend's zone. So the next time you're with an attractive woman and she throws a test at you, just know that she's trying to see if you're confident enough to be a man and stand your ground. If you pass, she'll develop an attraction for you which is almost uncontrollable.

So that's the simple process of approaching women and attracting them. If you think that this sounds too easy, just try it. Try it and see for yourself, then you'll have all your guys asking you about the secret of how to attract women.

Much success!