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How to Meditate

How to Meditate: Become a Master in 30 Days

Knowing how to meditate is one of the most important skills you learn for managing stress, building willpower and confidence, and for keeping your body in good physical and emotional health. But if you are interested in learning this skill, you probably want to start getting results as soon as possible... how about within 30 days? Believe it or not, this is a sufficient amount of time to become the master provided that you know exactly what steps to follow. This article will provide you with a rock solid plan for learning within just a month how to meditate...

How to Meditate Like a Master Within One Month

Days 1-5

The first five days of the process are going to be spent becoming conscious of the things that you're thinking about. There is really no objective in this stage but to simply to sit on the ground with your legs crossed and pay attention to whatever thoughts randomly spring into your mind. Do not attempt to concentrate on any one of these thoughts or focus your attention on any one thing. Simply observe and become aware of the random thoughts which are coming into your mind. Don't analyze them or try to repress them, this is the first stage of developing the skill of meditation.

Days 6-10

During the second five days you're going to be training your mind and body to get into what's known as the hypnogic state, which is just between sleeping and dreaming. This is a state which is similar to that used during self hypnosis. To accomplish this, lay down on your back and hold one of your arms at a 90? angle with the rest of your body. This way, just before you start dozing to sleep your arm will fall and awaken you. You'll also continue to observe your thoughts as they come into your mind just as you did during days 1 to 5. During these five days, or shortly after, you might start experiencing something known as "sleep paralysis" when you wake up from sleeping at night.

Although sleep paralysis can be terrifying, it's important to remember that this is simply your physical body being still asleep while you are conscious and awake. It will usually pass as you progress through the next stages of meditation...

Days 11-20

During days 11-20 of learning how to meditate, you're going to work on weeding the random thoughts out of your head. To do this, you simply acknowledge a thought out loud that pops into your head like so:

  • I'm thinking about checking my email
  • I'm thinking about watering my lawn
  • I'm thinking about what I'm going to say to my boss at the meeting

As you do this, you'll find that the thoughts quickly vanish from your consciousness as soon as you acknowledge them. During this stage, you'll also be lying on your bed with your arm up to keep you from dozing off to sleep. By the end of these 10 days, you'll be ready for the final stage of meditation...

Days 21-30

During the final ten days of learning how to meditate, you'll be refining the skill of remaining in the hypnogic state and clearing your mind of any thoughts which might come into it. The only objective during these 10 days is to be in a state of complete calm in mind, body and spirit. If you find any thoughts coming into your mind, simply follow the process of acknowledging them just as you did during days 11 to 20. By the end of this 10 day period, you'll have mastered the skill of meditation and you'll have already begun to see the benefits of more sound sleep, lower stress levels, better concentration and more focused willpower.

So start practicing these steps today, and just 30 days from now you'll have taught yourself the valuable skill of learning how to meditate.

Much success!